How to File Your Final Income Tax Return in Japan


Tax time has arrived, so “Game on!” for all self-employed and freelancers in Japan!

Remember you needed to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for every yen spent or earned?

‘Cuz staying on top of your monthly bookkeeping, maintaining copies of every invoice and receipt, as well as other essential business records (yes, you need them, too!) – is the key to acing your Final Income Tax Return in Japan.

And if you’re not organized, it can be a lengthy process which may eventually result in a whitewash as you won’t be able to reduce your tax liability & bill due to poorly organized processes.

So, hopefully, with the information in our guest article, preparing your Final Income Tax Return in Japan won’t be as much of a hassle as it’s cracked up to be. 


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I ended up taking the services of the Otani Accounting Office because their website was great and they had good reviews online.

The OAO team was with me every step of the way, offering advice and tips to make my future tax returns even easier.

As a result, I got a fantastic return, claiming the amounts that I was entitled to.”

Stephen Heller, Project Manager at Mugen Creations LLC

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