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How to calculate your tax amount in Japan

Get your free checklist on income types and tax amount calculation in Japan. A helpful insight for all expats in Japan.

Getting Incorporated in Japan

Discover a helpful guide that will explain how you can expand your business and incorporate your company in Japan.

Year-End Tax Adjustment

This outline will help you fully understand and accurately carry out this procedure by yourself

Company Profile

We prepared a little guide on the history and culture of our company for those who prefer reading papers to screen

Tax & Accounting Glossary

Tax & Accounting Glossary

Your little guide to commonly used Japanese kanji in tax & accounting area

Tax Calculator Otani Accounting Office

Tax Calculator

Free tax calculators you can use to determine your tax amount

Latest Topics Otani Accounting Office

Latest Topics

Stay up-to-date with our tax& business developments affecting foreign businesses in Japan

How to calculate your tax amount in Japan

Getting Incorporated in Japan

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I ended up taking the services of the Otani Accounting Office because their website was great and they had good reviews online.

The OAO team was with me every step of the way, offering advice and tips to make my future tax returns even easier.

As a result, I got a fantastic return, claiming the amounts that I was entitled to.”

Stephen Heller, Project Manager at Mugen Creations LLC

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